Donna Doyle & Peter "The Reinvention Guy" Fogel

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Despite three recessions and client cutbacks,
these two A-List Copywriters continue to
earn consistent 6-figure incomes.

For the first time they are about to pull back
the curtain and reveal...

"How to Become a Six-Figure Freelance Copywriter During Challenging Times!"

Put your wallet away...THIS IS NOT A PITCHFEST.
Its 90 information-packed minutes of pure, unadulterated content you simply won't find anywhere else. GUARANTEED!

From the desk of Donna Doyle
Jersey Shore, New Jersey

Dear Soon-to-be Six-Figure Freelancer:

My name is Donna Lynn Doyle. I've been writing direct response copy for almost 20 years ‚Ä?and spent the last 9 of them in my own freelance business, creating huge controls for some of the biggest direct response companies in the country.

I've written control-busting promos for Health Resources, Bionutrigenics, Swiss Labs, and many, many others.  I also count Rodale, Boardroom, and dozens of online and traditional marketers as part of my client roster, too.

But one of my greatest thrills was in 2006, when I was awarded the title "Copywriter of the Year" by American Writers & Artists, Inc., joining the ranks of such esteemed colleagues as Bob Bly and Clayton Makepeace.

So as you can see, I've been in this business for a while.  And during my career, I've lived through three recessions, countless postal increases, corporate mergers, client cutbacks, and more.  And you know what happened?

My Income Just Got Bigger!

That's right.  While my fellow freelancers were sitting back biting their nails...shedding clients left and right ... and feeling too stressed out and powerless to do anything about it...

I managed to earn a growing six-figure income!

In fact, in 2008 ‚Ä?when the economy totally derailed ‚Ä?I had my best year ever. (Just ask Ralph, my accountant.) 2009 is shaping up to be even better.

So how did I do it?

Well, I'm not going to lie. It took a lot of determination and persistence.  I worked harder than I ever did in my life. And believe me, I've had more than my share of sleepless nights.

It took a while...but then in 2004, the light bulb switched on. That's when I discovered several secrets to making my client base‚ÄĒand my income‚ÄĒskyrocket. As a result,

I've been buried with work ever since!

But here's the best part...

YOU Can Get The Same Results!

So if you've ever wondered whether or not you would be able to get ...

  • A 6-figure (or even 7-figure) income...
  • Five-figure royalty checks...
  • An endless stream of projects...

Especially during one of the worst economic climates in 80 years...

Then let me make one thing perfectly clear: It can and WILL happen to you. In fact, in the next five minutes, your feelings of doubt and confusion are about to end for good!  Here's why.

Recently, I met with my friend and fellow "A"-list copywriter Peter Fogel who was also having an unusual strong run during this time.

Peter has a fascinating background himself.

He's been a freelance writer for about 18 years while working as a full-time freelance copywriter for the last 10.

Prior to that he was in the rough and tumble competitive world of show business having written for an International sitcom and working as an audience warm-up on many of your favorite shows, like Married With Children and Unhappily Ever After. 

Not to mention performing as a stand-up comic on many late night comedy programs such as Evening at the Improv, Comic Strip Live.

He also acted in scores of commercials (You saw him, you just didn't know his name.)

Peter took his thirty years of entrepreneurship and reinvented himself into an in demand alternative health and financial copywriter with such heavy duty clients such as Agora, Soundview, Renaissance Health (plus scores of major Internet marketers.)

Who is Donna Doyle &
Peter Fogel?

Donna DoyleDonna Doyle has written winning direct response copy for the better part of two decades.  Her clients include some the biggest names in alternative health, specialty food, self improvement and personal finance.

She got her start in direct response when she accepted a job at Prentice Hall. There, she wrote nearly all of the profitable health and self-improvement control packages that ran for years. 
In April, 2000, Donna left the corporate world to start her freelance business, "Copy by Doyle." Today, she's often booked months in advance.

In October, 2006, Donna was honored as "Copywriter of the Year" by American Writer's and Artist's, Inc. (AWAI), joining the ranks of such industry leaders as Clayton Makepeace and Robert Bly.  You can learn more about Donna at

Peter "The Reinvention Guy" FogelPrior to entering the world of direct response advertising, speaker, author, Peter Fogel was a sitcom writer in Hollywood who wrote for Tri-star International's award-winning German sitcom, Rita's World.  During this time Peter also was also an in demand studio audience warm-up for such shows as Married with Children, Chicago Sons, Whoopi with Whoopi Goldberg and The Howie Mandel Show.

Presently, this 10 year copywriting veteran specializes in direct mail, web, and radio copy. Clients include Early to Rise, Agora, Strategic Profits, Vital Max Vitamins, Dr. Sears, Healthier You, Hampshire Labs, Soundview Communications to name just a few. He is also the author of the best selling book, "If Not Now... Then When? Stories and Strategies of People Over 40 Who Have Reinvented Themselves"

His direct response articles have appeared in Inside Direct Mail, DM News, Mequoda Library.

As an infoprenuer, he is also the creator of Peter Fogel's Guide to Effective Public Speaking found at

He's also an best selling author, and even contributed to some of Bob Bly's books over the years.

TestimonialRecently, Peter and I were comparing "war stories" about what was going on in the business these days...

...and we realized there was a reason why we were working, getting the fees we wanted, and in some cases turning down assignments when other writers weren't.

More importantly, we discovered we were using strategies that complemented each other.

Mind you, these are freelance marketing strategies that are working now, in today's challenging market. So you probably won't find them in the scores of copywriting programs flooding the market. 

Sure, those books out there teach you the mechanics of copywriting (and you should absolutely know them so you can be at the top of your game)

...but they don't necessarily show you how to deal with the reality of what's happening in the industry TODAY and in the foreseeable future!

No... these were developed by Peter and me, as we work in-the-trenches running a six figure copywriting business!

Now Here's The Part That Should Interest You:

After comparing notes, Peter and I realized OTHER freelancers ‚Ä?whether you're¬† experienced or a newbie -- could greatly benefit from what we learned working in today's challenging market!

YES, copywriting can give you freedom...
YES, it can give you a great lifestyle...
YES, there's more flextime with a consistent high income...

 But the plain truth you're NOT hearing is this:

Clients Have Changed The Copywriting Game...

TestimonialI don't care who you are, or what prior controls you have under your belt. If you don't play by their new rules, you will lose.

I can't make it any simpler than that.  If you're not as successful in your copywriting career, this very well could be the reason why!

Learning how to play their game the RIGHT way could mean the difference to establishing a 6-figure income for LIFE ...

Or eventually going back to the corporate grind. The good news is that NOW you can discover how to play by their rules ‚Ä?and WIN! In fact, Peter and I sat down together for a 90 minute audio interview called...

"How to Become a Six-Figure Freelance
Copywriter During Challenging Times"

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What You See‚Ä?is What You Get...

When we developed this audio interview, Peter and I agreed on one thing: we will hold nothing back. So if you're looking to hear pie-in-the-sky expectations and caviar dreams, this is not the program for you.

But if you are looking for no-holds-barred, proven strategies on how to attract the right clients, boost your income, and save you timeless heart ache in your business...

Then you're in the right price.¬† CLICK here to order "How to Become a Six-Figure Copywriter in Challenging Times". You can download and listen right away‚ÄĒplus, get 3 valuable Bonus Reports worth over $45.95 ‚ÄĒabsolutely FREE!

Let Me Make Something Else Crystal Clear, Too...

TestimonialYou'll notice I'm not calling this a "program", or a "system."  You will listen to 90-minutes of two working copywriters grilling each other about what's made them a success in one of the deepest recessions in recent years. 

You're going to discover the exact techniques we used to prosper during the new mind set of clients and sidestepping their recession fears‚ÄĒand quirks. So...

  • If you want an early siren system that warns you before a client pulls an evasive maneuver on you...
  • If your career is stuck in first gear and want to rev up the engine and attract platinum clients....
  • If you want to make the MOST money in the least amount of time...
  • If you're completely FED up with the status quo of your career..
  • If you're utterly frustrated with the hype and want the truth, the whole truth, on how to grow your business year after year...
  • If you're a seasoned pro who wants to branch out in your business and use your copy skills to market your own products ...
  • If you want to be the one who calls the shots when approached by new clients...

This tele-conference contains information you simply cannot be without.

So let me ask you point blank:

Are you ready to take your business -- and income -- to the next level? 

Are you ready take control and negotiate what you want in your contract? 

Are you ready to have ice in your veins as you tell your client your new fee‚ÄĒand he agrees?

Good! Because Here's a Tiny Sample
of What You're About to Learn:

  • One of the biggest land mines new copywriters (and even established copywriters) step on and how to avoid them
  • The #1 question to ask your client before accepting any offer of work (If they give you this answer, DO NOT accept the assignment.)

  • Will this be a troublesome client? If he says this one thing‚Ä?/u> then run as fast as you can in the opposite direction

  • What you must do before starting any copywriting project.¬† (If a client tries to talk you out of it, turn the job down)

  • Generalist or specialist? Which copywriter works more during an economic downturn?

  • 5 sure-fire ways to make certain a 6-figure income is in your immediate future

  • Should you lower your fees in challenging times? (Absolutely...NOT!¬† Here's what you offer the client instead to make it a win-win for both of you...)

  • What a newbie can realistically expect earn in their first year

  • Why copywriting is a lot like show business

  • The #1 rule you need to adhere to that'll make you psychologically stronger and financially more stable during ANY good and especially challenging economic times.
  • The best time to turn a job down, no matter how much $$$ you're being offered (Donna was burned big by this one; but now you'll know first hand how to deal with it)

  • The argument for and against a newbie promoting themselves on Elance or Guru

  • Three ways to keep financial stress at bay

  • Why you should absolutely have a website up and going‚Ä?even if you have no samples, no clients, or no testimonials

  • One of your clients had a promo flagged by the Feds ‚Ä?and the client is blaming YOUR copy for leading them into tricky legal waters.¬† Are you to blame? How do you protect yourself?

  • Don't want to live according to a client's whims‚ÄĒor budget? Then do this one thing and you'll finally earn the fees you deserve!

  • The "too good to be true" carrot¬† that clients will dangle in front of you so you work for less (Don't fall for it, UNLESS you've worked for them in the past)

  • The 3 types of clients most freelancers will approach for work. Only ONE will pay you what you're worth, while the other two promise you disappointment and misery.¬† Here's how to know the difference

  • ¬†Which client should you work for? A sophisticated and knowledgeable direct marketing client who will pay you top dollar but ruin your copy? Or a "B" client who pays you significantly less but lets you do your job? (The answer might surprise you.)

  • How to determine if it's a good idea to accept an in-house copywriting position with a company when just when just starting out

  • Client giving you loads of work? Keeps you constantly busy? Pays you well? Think you've got it made?¬† Probably...not! ¬†Here's why.

  • The #1 mistake new freelancers and even established copywriters make (and the consequences you want to avoid)

  • Why right now is the best time to begin your copywriting career,

  • How to get a client to keep coming to you for more assignments even during a down economy.

  • Why getting a higher flat fee from your client is better than negotiating a lower upfront fee and the "promise" of receiving royalties.
  • How to accept spec assignment from a client under one condition!

  • The number #1 way for any freelance copywriter to be in complete control of their business, their time and their financial destiny

  • The little unknown secret as to why so many "A" list copywriters in the 90's had winning control after control. (Hint: Talent is only part of the reason!)

Hear is a recent e-mail we got from a copywriter who bought the program She writes,

"I just purchased/listened to yours and Peter Fogel's recording for freelance copywriting in challenging times.  It was excellent and very enlightening!  Thank you very, very much.  Both yours and Peter's insights were so very helpful.  I also read your tips in the e-report you provided, and will definitely be using them!"  (Thank you again.)
Violet M. from California


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And that's just for starters!   So now, I hear you asking..."How much is this going to cost me?"

Well, to be honest, what we're going to reveal is not readily available anywhere else.  (At least that's what we've found).  I feel most of  what you've heard or read about becoming a top-notch copywriter works during the "good times."

Well, that ain't now... is it?

And because our proven steps are almost a proprietary formula for victory, some of our colleagues said we should charge at least $95 (or more).  And even then it would be a bargain!

In fact, one other "A" list copywriter told us that just one of the strategies he heard on the recording could easily add a few thousand bucks (if used correctly) to his own business. (And he does quite well!)

Before I reveal the low price,   Peter and I want you to take this to heart:

We are so convinced our audio webinar will deliver you real value PLUS give a remarkable income boost to your copywriting career‚ÄĒthat we want to make this a "no-brainer" offer to you.

That's why we've arranged to give you a "little something extra".  Let's just say it'll get you get off the fence to take action now.

 So along with the audio interview, you're also going to receive...

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FREE REPORT #1: The Inside Track to Copywriting Success, by Donna Doyle.  In this just-released report, discover how Donna Doyle reveals went from a freelancer with no clients to one of the leading Master Copywriters in the industry.

Learn her success secrets for finding new clients, getting the fees you deserve, getting client to notice you even if you're new to the business, and much more.

FREE REPORT #2: Marketing Secrets of the Masters, by Peter Fogel. Now you can learn the success principles of advertising masters John Caples, Joe Sugarman, Dan Kennedy, Dan Hauptman and other great marketers and copywriters.

Peter breaks down the KISS factor of your offer, How to get into the minds of your prospects, 6 different copy styles for any promotion, how to find the USP for your product or service, and much more.¬† Best of all, you'll learn rock-solid concepts and strategies you can use right now in your promotions.

The success-boosting info you'll discover in these two reports is already enough to send your career‚ÄĒand income‚ÄĒto the next level.¬† But we didn't stop there...

You'll Also Get ANOTHER Free Report
by Master Copywriter Bob Bly!

Master Copywriter Bob Bly feels the information Peter and I are sharing are so important that he generously agreed to provide you with ANOTHER FREE REPORT!

FREE REPORT #3: Why Internet Information Marketing Should be Every Copywriter's Second Business, by Bob Bly.  Get a crash course from one of the best in the who, what, where, and why every copywriter should develop their own information business. Nobody can show you more cost efficient ways to do it!

Bob reveals, step by step, how you can find your niche, build your mailing list, create landing pages that guarantee great conversions, 3 keys to online marketing success, and more. He also includes useful links that will help you do on-line research. This is a report that will put you on the path to creating an information business that can make you money now.

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Due to popular demand the¬†price for our tele-conference on "How to Become a Six Figure Copywriter in Challenging Times" MP3 program‚Ä?PLUS the 3 bonuses is all yours for the low price of $67.¬†¬†

That's it! Just think: For the cost of a meal for a family of 4 at Applebee's ‚Ä?we're handing you a guide on how to flourish during these challenging times from two pros who¬† are out in the trenches every day, actually doing it.

Are You Ready to Join Us at the Top?

The plain truth?  Whether you buy our program or not, it will not affect our livelihoods. And that's because freelance copywriting has given me and Peter lucrative and satisfying careers.

You can probably tell by now that freelance copywriting is NOT a hobby for us. We're lifers. It's our livelihood.   Just as I know it's yours.  You should not have to pull your hair out and get frustrated at having to deal with the challenges that bombard you daily in your quest to get GREAT clients... and getting them to pay you the kind of fees you deserve (on your terms for once!)

Our audio program How to Become a Six Figure Copywriter in Challenging Times" is going reveal the problems you will encounter... PLUS arm you with the solutions!


Look ‚Ä? freelance copywriting is rewarding field.¬† We work in our homes... with no commute... giving us the time and freedom to be with our families.

BUT you need a guide to show you over come the challenges that are affecting this industry... but more important how to leap over them effortlessly.

There's a right way of doing business... and a wrong way that will drain your time, pocket book, and spirit. It doesn't have to be that way...

There's plenty of work out there for everyone. There's just one difference:¬† DO you want to survive‚Ä?or THRIVE!? (I think you know the answer!)

Order now while it's fresh on your mind!

To your success,
Donna Doyle
With Peter Fogel

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PS This program is a beta test at this low price. Peter and I feel if our hunches are right, there's going to be a huge demand for it. Once it does, we're going to raise the price on it. Our advice? Jump on this low price, pronto!

PPS: One more thing... If you called either of us for a one on one consultation on the phone, we'd charge you upwards of $150 an hour...

Again, you won't have to. Our How to Become a Six Figure Copywriter in Challenging Times is your complete turn-key program to reaching the success you seek! Order today!

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